Chanel Skincare Beyond The Jar

CHANEL has been a skincare pioneer for nearly a century. Within every jar of CHANEL skincare lies signature ingredients sourced with care and treated with expertise. The art of creation starts in the fields and continues in the laboratory. BEYOND THE JAR is a celebration of this creative process.

Return to the source

Natural ingredients are the heart of CHANEL skincare. Creation begins in the fields of CHANEL, where artisanal cultivators and botanists meticulously grow and harvest these star ingredients. In Paris, highly skilled CHANEL researchers study the entire plant and extract key molecules to unlock their powerful properties.

Innovation, vision and expertise are behind every jar of CHANEL skincare.

Discover the unique creation process of CHANEL skincare products, from nature to the jar: the rarity of the ingredients, the quality of their homeland, the ancestral know-how of farmer artisans, the creativity of researchers. BEYOND THE JAR, episode 1: Vanilla planifolia. Discover more on


The story begins with a race against time—to hand-pollinate the plant’s short-lived bloom, which wilts within 24 hours. Skilled farmers grow and harvest the rare pods. Once picked, the plants journey to Paris where their powerful molecules, Éphémères, are extracted and crafted into SUBLIMAGE skincare.

Artisans at work

There are approximately 120 species of wild Vanilla plants in the world. CHANEL researchers chose Vanilla Planifolia for its essence in 1995, subsequently commencing a journey toward unlocking the plant’s myriad of unique regenerative properties.

This delicate orchid requires optimal conditions to bloom and bear fruit. The artisanal cultivators tend to their crops by hand, manually pollinating each flower, one by one, during the flower’s fleeting bloom. Their techniques are more than a century old, passed down through generations of local artisans.

As botanist, Vanilla expert and CHANEL partner Professor Aro Vonjy Ramarosandratana explains, “As with any plant, the quality of the product itself depends on its environment. Therefore, it depends on the temperature, humidity and soil, but it also significantly depends on the people who take care of it.”

Thoughtfully grown

Natural ingredients are sustainably sourced, every step of the way. Traditional farming methods respect the natural cycle of nutrients in the soil, producing the highest-quality ingredients. This is essential to artisanal integrity and preserves the techniques that have been used for generations.

Exceptional in quality, Vanilla Planifolia has always been one of the most sought-after varieties of plants.


The revitalizing properties of the Vanilla Planifolia plant were discovered by CHANEL Research experts. Named for their very brief annual emergence, Éphémères de Planifolia are a family of molecules that develops in the young green pods of the plant. Éphémères energize skin and help protect its essential qualities, making Éphémères de Planifolia exquisite regeneration boosters. Time plays a crucial role in the creation of SUBLIMAGE skincare.

CHANEL scientists such as Nicola Fuzzati, Director of Active Ingredients Research, study the entire plant to find its most optimal uses. The regenerative Éphémères molecules are found in the unripe green pods, while antioxidant properties come from the flower. The seeds serve as an exfoliant, and the leaves provide restorative benefits.

Each of these elements is refined using CHANEL-exclusive scientific crafting processes that produce ultra-pure, ultra-powerful ingredients. Through the process of PolyFraction, the fruit’s elements are combined into Planifolia PFA, one of the primary active ingredients of SUBLIMAGE. discover the products

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