Gucci Absolute Beginners

Elle Fanning, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Jodie Turner-Smith, Benedetta Porcaroli and Emma Corrin debut as the first #GucciAbsoluteBeginners

The new series in collaboration with Dazed inspired a selection of nine artists to do something they’ve never done before: get behind the camera and into the director’s seat. Each of the talents developed their own screenplay and brought it to life by stepping behind the camera and directing their own short film that celebrates the potency of pop culture and naivety, the beauty in amateurism and exposes the power and vulnerability of the creative impulse.

About her ‘Gucci Wins’ Elle Fanning explained: “My film is about captivating the nature of Gucci, specifically the Jackie 1961 bag. Even a dog can be hypnotized by its beauty. One night while drifting off to sleep, I thought of this western showdown between a dog and dog owner with a scoreboard keeping tallies of how GUCCI ALWAYS WINS. Since I am an “absolute beginner” to directing, I wanted to make a statement with the tone. Yes, this is a fashion film, but why not tell a funny story while looking at sparkling garments?”

Kelvin Harrison Jr. said “The film is essentially a story about the seemingly ever present fear of love. The concept initially came from someone I was seeing who told me that the risk of falling in love was greater than the reward. They had come to believe that after so many unsuccessful attempts at sustaining a long lasting relationship it was unfair to expect anyone to take on their accompanying baggage. It was suggested I may be naive to believe that someone could not only handle the baggage of another, but embrace it with an authorship as if it were their own”.

To celebrate the film series, Dazed and Gucci reached out to Morgan Presley, the creator behind Tik Tok’s Gucci Model Challenge, to kick off a #GucciAbsoluteBeginners guide to living a Gucci life.

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