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McLaren Automotive delivers 1,000th new vehicle in Canada to close out 2020

Luxury supercar maker McLaren Automotive has retailed its 1,000th new vehicle in Canada, less than a decade after the brand first opened its doors in the country in 2012. The 1,000th unit, an Onyx Black 2020 720S Coupe, neatly mirrors the first McLaren delivered in Canada, a Black 2012 McLaren 12C. Both were delivered from McLaren Toronto, the country’s first McLaren retail

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Covid-busting Nasal Spray Begins UK Trials January 11th

SaNOtize Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (NONS) kills 99.9% of coronavirus in lab tests Nasal spray blocks viral entry into the body, destroys virus and prevents it from multiplying Nitric oxide blocks ACE-2 receptor essential for the virus to infect cells, destroys Covid mutant variations Clinical trials already underway in Canada and approved to start in the USA London University professor

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